Our Work

Here's a collection of reels and posters showcasing our work:



Creatures Inside Us
December 28, 2010
on Discovery Science

Scary Tales
October 30, 2010
on 3Net

Prehistoric Assassins
February 20, 2011
on Discovery Channel

Fortune Finders
January 6, 2012
on National Geographic Channel

The Real Story of Christmas
Special Aired November 30, 2010
on History

The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Special Aired November 22, 2010
on History

The Real Story of Halloween
Special Aired October 26, 2010
on History

Alien Storms
Special Aired June 21, 2010
on The Science Channel

Cosmic Collisions
Special Aired January 10, 2010
on Discovery Channel

Nostradamus Effect
Series Aired September - December 2009
on History

How Stuff Works - Rubber
Aired February 12, 2009
on Discovery Channel

How Stuff Works - Salt
Aired January 29, 2009
on Discovery Channel

Cosmic Collisions - Galactic Collisions
Special Aired January 28, 2009
on Discovery Channel

More Extreme Marksmen
Special Aired January 25, 2009
on History Channel

How Stuff Works - Wheat
Aired January 15, 2009
on Discovery Channel

How Stuff Works - Water
Aired December 11, 2008
on Discovery Channel

Sci-Fi Science
Special Aired October 26, 2008
on Science Channel

Prehistoric Monsters Revealed
Special Aired July 28, 2008
on History Channel

How Life Began
Special Aired June 16, 2008
on History Channel

Extreme Marksmen
Special Aired June 9, 2008
on History Channel

The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang
Special Aired September 4, 2007
on History Channel

Special Aired July 21, 2006
on History Channel

Comets, Prophets Of Doom
Special Aired March 13, 2006
on History Channel

UFO Files: Alien Engineering, Pts 1&2
Special Aired February 6 & 13, 2006
on History Channel

METEORS: Fire in the Sky
Special Aired April 24, 2005
on History Channel