Who We Are

Luke Ellis, Executive Producer

Matt Hickey, Executive Producer


Who are we? The simple answer is... we're Luke and Matt. And we make TV programs the way Cordon Bleu chefs make dinner... the way finish carpenters make staircases. (Hey, a website is no place for modesty!) If you need something to be visually stunning, engaging and entertaining, you've come to the right place. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique, but we haven't got the stuffy airs that term implies. We're craftsmen. And we have a hardworking team... from stellar animators and artistic cinematographers, to clever writers and mellifluous composers, who make shows by hand.

We've done traditional documentaries, special effects-heavy series, reality, science, clip shows... we've even done scripted... and 3D! We've won a handful of Cine Awards and more than a few Telly Awards, and viewers also seem to like what we've done.

Check out some of our clips. You may like what we've done, too.

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